Room Parent Sign Ups

Room parent signups are typically done at the yearly "Back To School Night" in the fall. With the reopening restrictions we will be doing these signups remotely this year.

Anyone interested in volunteerting will be able to find their student's teacher in the below form. 

We are also looking for 2-3 volunteers to help Mrs. Donnelly in her art room with managing the art kits for the students, etc.

Typical role of a Room Parent include...

  • Act as a liason between the teacher and the families your class

  • Help teacher with distributing emails for classroom supplies (as needed) etc

  • Coordinate class parties (as determined by teacher and current reopening guidelies)

  • Collecting for and coordinating donations towards staff gifts as determine by the class (holiday, year end etc)

Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to be Room Parents this year!