Celebrate with a Book Program

Please join us in celebrating a special event for your family while supporting the library at Wampatuck Elementary!

You can celebrate anything - a birthday, loosing your first tooth or just recognizing your child's hard work at school are all great times to purchase a book and help build our library. 

Step 1: Click the link below to purchase a book on our website. The order details will go directly to Ms Sousa at the school.

Stept 2: Ms Sousa will take your child to the display of books we have at the school for them to choose a title from. We have curated a list wtih our reading specialist and staff at Buttonwoods so there will be titles for all ages and interests! The book will be labled inside with your special celebration details.

Step 3: A photo of your student will be taken and displayed at school to celebrate the event. And your student will be the first to take the book home from the library to enjoy!

Step 4: When done, the student returns the book to the school's library and it will be enjoyed for years to come by all students at Wampatuck!

Look to the bottom of this page to see a list of some of the books on display at the school for the students to choose from with a quick synopsis of the books theme. Hope this helps the families to choose a good fit book that can be chosen by your student at the school!